danielle bennett

She is believer of supernatural,
Stardust and fabric of the sky,
The morning of forgiveness,
Offerer of everything,
Templed-body home builder,
Bride of the thick presence,
Courier of life,
Firm-footed friend of grace,
A heart bowed in respect,
She is the strong and delicate hands on a loom,
threading legacy for daughters and
granddaughters who will be written into the book of life
as cage breakers,
earth tilling ambassadors of heaven,
faithful guardians of this city.

I started Jess Roy Creative because I got tired of apologizing for having a hand in too many pots.
Give me all the pots! 
I tried to stop, but couldn't. 
It wasn't a great time to expand my business, and yet...
it just kept happening.
So instead of playing it safe, me and all my pots are chugging straight ahead! 
Join me. 

Analytical, futuristic, and always brainstorming ways to move things forward.